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Find a Harpist

Do you need a harpist for your event? The harp is a very versatile instrument and works well alone or in ensembles with all kinds of music genres and in all kinds of spaces, acoustic or amplified.

(Some of the info is in Norwegian only, but feel free to use English if contacting a harpist!)

Pedal harpists

Pedal harpists play a variety of music genres. Some play different kinds of harps (folk harp or electric harp) in addition to the pedal harp. Read more about them or contact the harpists directly if you have questions.


Johannes Wik

Bergen filharmoniske orkester


Askøy. Harpist, musikkterapeut og harpelærer

Folk harpists

Our folk harpists are professional folk musicians. They play music of various origins and styles on various kinds of harps. Read more about them and contact the harpists directly if you have questions.


Folkeharpist og historieforteller

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