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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Harp

Information about harps

Often people ask about buying harps.  Here is a table we are making with different harp types and information about them. 

Click on the pdf file to download it. 

The harp you should buy depends on what you want to do in the future with the harp.  If you'd like to play classical pedal harp, you should start with a harp with similar tension and string spacing, or consider starting on a pedal harp. 


If you just want a small harp to sit in your lap and strum, you could consider some of the more affordable models.


As a rule, it is better to save money for a longer period of time and buy a better harp. Find a teacher and talk to them before buying a harp.

Renting a Harp

Where can I rent?

Some harp teachers have one or two harps they rent out.  Some music schools also have waiting lists for harps.

The Norske harpeforening is applying for various grants to start a national harp rental program.

If you didn't see an answer to your question, please ask us!

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