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Find a Teacher

If you want to learn to play, you need a teacher!

At the moment the info about the teachers are in Norwegian only, but feel free to use English if you contact one

Classical harp

Classical harps are the large harps you see in symphony orchestras. They use pedals to change the half tones (sharps and flats.)  If you are interested in playing a classical harp, it is better to start with a classical teacher, even if you start on a smaller folk/lever harp.


Johannes Wik

Bergen. Underviser på Bergen kommunale kulturskole


Askøy. Underviser privat

Folk harp

Folk harps are smaller instruments with from 20 to 38 strings.  They use levers to change the half tones  (sharps and flats.)  They are usually used in folk music or for a starting place for classical harpists. 

There are several teachers in Norway and internationally who specialize in Norwegian folk music on the harp.

If you want to eventually play pedal harp, we recommend that you contact a classical harp teacher even if you want to start on a smaller folk/lever harp.

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Seattle, Washington, USA

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Tradisjonell keltisk og nordisk folkemusikk, barokk- og middelaldermusikk

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